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The Specialties

Ages 5 and up

Acro dance is a combination of dance and precise acrobatic elements. Dancers will focus on increasing flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and concentration.

Acting & Song


Students read different scenes from popular musicals and plays. Classes consist of vocal warm-ups, group singing, solo performances, and theater games. 

Broadway Dance


This movement class incorporates all the classic styles of dance. Classes focus on one musical per month for dancers to learn about the story and movements. Acting and singing is often incorporated. 


Contemporary is the art of creating shapes and unique movements with the body. Dancers practice floorwork, exercises, and creating stories with their bodies. 

Extend & Tech

A specialized class that focuses primarily on leaps, turns, and technical exercises. Dancers will use this class time to focus on skills that will help them in every class and to rehearse different tricks and turning combinations. 

Hip Hop

Hip Hop blends together elements of popping, locking, and breakdancing. Dancers will learn different combinations that aid in memory, strength, and stability. 

Lyrical 3.jpg

Lyrical is derived from the word "lyric", therefore dancers will be learning how to connect expressively and physically to the lyrics of a song. Dancers will explore different emotions and storytelling styles while incorporating technical elements. 

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