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Primary Program

Ages 18 months - 5 years
All classes in our Primary Program have pay-in-full tuition due at the beginning of the year.  This special-priced package includes the showcase costume.  Recital fee IS included.
Ballet / Tap
Ages 3-4


This class is an introductory program that teaches basic technique and terminology while using fun, interactive music and props. 

Ballet / Tap / Jazz
Ages 4-5


Similar to the younger Ballet / Tap class format, this combo class introduces Jazz alongside Ballet and Tap to give dancers a well-rounded experience with the classic dance styles. 

Creative Movement.jpg
Creative Movement
Ages 2-3

Young dancers learn basic steps and movement through the use of imaginative music and activities. Dancers improve coordination and balance in a fun, developmentally-appropriate environment. 

Dance With Me
Ages 18-months - 2 years

Parent-and-me style class where little ones are introduced to music and movement in a safe, social environment.

Tot Hop
Ages 3-5

Dancers will participate in a fast-paced, free-style movement class with fun songs and memorable dance steps. 

Tot Tumble
Ages 3-5


This class focuses on basic tumbling and exercises.  This exciting class will involve high energy music and obstacle course fun!

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