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Policies & Procedures

Tuition and Fees

Class tuition may be paid annually or monthly.  Monthly tuition for the dance season applies September through May.  Tuition may be paid in advance however, there are no refunds on pre-paid amounts of any kind. 

Monthly tuition is posted to the parent portal on the first calendar day of the month.  Monthly tuition is not affected by holidays or school vacations.  Tuition/Accounts can be paid by cash or check at the Studio or by credit card online. 


If you do not withdraw from classes IN WRITING, you are committing to attend class and pay tuition through the end of the dance season in May.


UPDATE AS OF 1/17/2022: If your account has a balance for the month prior, your dancer will not be able to participate in class. For example, if your account has a tuition balance from January, your dancer will be unable to participate in February classes until your account is settled. LATE FEES ARE NOT OPTIONAL. If you incurred a late fee and have not paid it, this is considered a balance and MUST be settled. 

All fees (tuition, registration fees, recital fees, costume fees, and competition fees) are non-refundable. All outstanding balances must be paid in full before costumes are handed out and before any student can perform in the recital.  All unpaid charges as of the 7th of each month are subject to late charge of $25.  All accounts must be paid in full before registering for the next session.

Make ups, Cancellations, Injury

Any missed classes may be made up by attending a class of same level or lower and/or same age range. No credits or refunds are given for missed classes.  Student/Parent MUST inform the studio via email regarding which class they would like to take as a make up.  There are no makeups for classes missed because of holidays or scheduled studio breaks.  Make ups cannot be done by siblings or friends.  Make ups must be schedule within a month of the missed class.

Classes may be cancelled at any time but you must inform the studio IN WRITING of your intention to withdraw from class.  Non-attendance in a class is NOT considered notice that you want to cancel a class.  All students are automatically enrolled in the recital unless otherwise specified or if you withdraw from the recital in writing.  Student may still participate in class if they withdraw from the recital.

If your child has an injury or illness that a physician has suggested he or she be limited from physical activity, we can hold your child’s class space, without billing, with a doctor’s note BUT your child must be cleared by the same physician in writing to return to dance.  If your child has a cast, crutches, brace etc., your child will not be allowed to participate in dance without written clearance from a physician.

Behavior and Dress Code

Bullying will not be tolerated by students OR parents.  Students are expected to show respect to all teachers and faculty at PDC.  When at competitions, performances, or events where students are representing the studio, students are encouraged to show support and respect to everyone they encounter. Good sportsmanship is mandatory.

Cell phones must be left in bags or in the Upper Studio Dance Den or in the Lower Studio hallway during class times.  PDC is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items.  Students are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before their class begins.  Please call or e-mail if your child will miss class for the day.

Studio Communication

PDC communicates primarily by email based on the email address YOU provide the studio when creating your parent portal.  Monthly newsletters and mid-month reminders, along with other important notices from the studio, are sent by email.  You must inform PDC of alternate emails address(es) which should receive studio correspondence.

It is the parents/account holder responsibility to keep informed of all policies and deadlines.  All parents and students are expected to read and comply with all studio policies, procedures, newsletters, recital information etc. available via e-mail, on the website, and at the studio.

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