Class Descriptions

Acro & Conditioning

            Acro dance is a combination of dance technique and precise acrobatic elements.  Dancers will be focusing on increased flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and concentration. Conditioning focuses on exercises that strengthen core muscles used for advanced tricks and tumbling while aiding in athleticism.



            Ballet focuses on basic technique, body alignment, posture, poise, and footwork. Ballet is a significant class that supports all other genres of dance. Ballet is known to be the most fundamental and technical form of dance.


Creative Movement


            Young dancers learn basic steps and terminology through the use of imaginative music and activities.  Dancers improve coordination and balance in a fun, exciting environment.


Extend & Tech

                A technical class that focuses primarily on leaps, turns, and extensive stretching. Dancers will use this class time to focus and rehearse different tricks and turning combinations.


Jazz Funk

            Jazz Funk offers a unique twist of jazz dance and the styles of hip hop.  Dancers will master fast paced movements and emulate confidence in this high energy class.



            Lyrical is derived from the word ‘lyric’, therefore dancers will be learning how to connect expressively and physically to the lyrics of a song.  The dancers will explore different emotions and storytelling while incorporating technical elements.

Musical Movements

            Musical Movements is a dance style that includes technique and acting to songs from different Broadway musicals. Dancers are encouraged to be expressive and give suggestions for different Broadway and musical movie soundtracks.



            Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm and musicality through fun, energetic footwork. Dancers will learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway tap to Rhythm tap.


Tumblin’ Tots

            This class focuses on basic tumbling such as forward rolls, stretching, and exercises.  This exciting class will involve high energy music and obstacle course fun.